Welcome to our New Livestream ZOOM Lifedrawing Session.

Save the date:

Save the date TUESDAY 20 April 2021 6.30-8.45 PM (Rome time).

A new exciting lifedrawing online Roma session with our Art Model and Burlesque Perfomer: Candy Rose.

“The Renaissance Raphael’s Drawings”

Five hundred years have passed since his death but Raphael’s genius never ceases to amaze viewers. Despite his short life, he leaves a large body of work and a vast and invaluable legacy of grace.Celebrated to be a foremost figure of the Italian High Renaissance and an artist of innovative perspective, he is well known for setting the standards of ideal beauty and good composition and for brilliantly fulfilling the ultimate goal of Neoplatonism, the achievement of human perfection and grandeur. Raffaello “Selfportrait” (1504-06) Uffizi Firenze.

Open to all levels, Beginners and Pro.

20 April 2021 h 6.30-8.30 PM (Rome Time).

Broadcast live from our STUDIO THEATRE in Rome. Open to all levels, beginners and Pro. History, Beauty, Art, Storytelling.

Art Director: Cristina Sozio Painter. Italian Art Model: Candy Rose.

Photo Director: Riccardo Riservato. Sound design and Editing: Nicoletta Sozio.

20 April 2021 – 6.30/8.30 PM (CET).

Live stream: Il Doppio Creativo Art Studio Rome

Art Director: Cristina Sozio.

Sound design and Editing: Nicoletta Sozio
Organization and Photos: Riccardo Riservato
TM. All Rights Reserved.

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The our previous wonderful Sessions with our Italian Art Models.

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