Painting is a powerful expressive instrument. It’s not just about putting colours on the canvas….

With our hands, the colours, the brush and our heart, we can express our spirit.

Painting Teacher: Cristina Sozio

Location of the courses: Via dei Banchi Vecchi 10; direct access from the street to our painting workshop.

Our objective is to encourage the development of individual creativity and the expression of each student’s artistic capacity through painting; even those who are experiencing the world of pictorial expression for the first time. Cristina Sozio offers painting lessons for individuals or groups of two. She teaches students of all ages and all levels of competence.

Even those students who have never experienced painting can achieve goals while having fun.

Naturally the mode of teaching is tailored to the individual characteristics and capacity of each student.

The course can also be oriented towards those who already have a knowledge of basic pictorial techniques, and who seek to refine their skills.

The oil painting lessons are fundamentally practical.

Usually one lesson lasts two hours (120 minutes). The frequency of the lessons can be weekly or fortnightly. Lessons can be scheduled between 8.30am and 8pm.The number of lessons can be organised depending on the desires of each student.The artworks created during the course remain the property of the student.

Every student is required to purchase their own painting supplies, consisting of:

  • palette.
  • brushes.
  • small tubes of oil paint.


With the guide of the teacher, the painting method reveals itself through the creation of many artworks; by reproducing the styles of different artists, students come to establish their own pictorial style that will allow them to express their own personal and unique piece of art.

  • Brief historical explanation of the artwork being reproduced.
  • Demonstration of the techniques used to create pictorial reproductions.
  • Option to choose the artwork to reproduce.
  • Preparation of the canvas.
  • Creation of the drawing using pencil.
  • Execution of the painting using oils.
  • Assistance in making finishing touches to the completed artwork.
  • Creation of personal artworks.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and specific costs.

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